One platform to manage
all your outsourcing solutions

Introducing next-gen service platform to access, manage and track all your solutions - from
field inspections to AI claims processing.

Elevate your claim experience:
unifying technology solutions and a nationwide workforce

Any Category, Any Service

Over 30+ different types of services available on our platform - with one click order a field assignment any where nationwide or a review results of a desk review.

20+ years

Today, data and processes matter as much as experience. Our operational history brings deep experience and data to provide an exceptional level of service.

Nationwide Workforce

Our on-demand professional workforce brings diversity of experience and qualifications across all 50 states and Canada.

Reporting & Insights

Access to all the data you need. Our reporting provides an opportunity to generate insights on workflows, partners or costs.

Customer Support

We combine our technology solutions with specialized customer service professionals to be responsive to our customers in every medium and whenever they needed us.

Technology Solutions

We provide inclusive technology solutions for all. Whether you want to track, manage claims or empower your workforce through mobile platform.

About us

ScoutWorks is passionately dedicated to providing a single, integrated platform that combines people and technology to make claim management and outsourcing solutions easy to order, manage and deliver with precision We believe all service solutions should deliver transparency, accountability and consistency.

2000 +

Technical Workforce

100 +

Regular Customers

500M +

Efficiencies Realized

20 +

Years of Service

Our Platform Helps You Order, Track, Review And
Deliver Unlimited Outsourcing Solutions

Boots on the ground, anywhere

We provide a new way to manage and deliver field services. We combined technology solutions and a deep network to deliver any service, anywhere.

No more juggling vendors and solutions

Our platform is your all-in-one solution for ordering, tracking, analyzing and delivering a wide array of services and solutions.

Empower any field workforce through Scout+

Our field applications utilize photo capture and assignment management technologies to empower field operations like never before.

Accelerate estimates through AI with precision

Our real time AI capabilities allows us to compare output between AI tools and the opportunity for expert human input and review.

Case Studies

Using customized technology and workflows we helped a customer triage claims between field, photo or virtual inspections. Our team consolidated all inspections and used optimization techniques to reduce costs.

Utilizing our desk adjuster expertise and technology tools, we worked with a company to assess liability exposure on delivery trucks that had been involved in multiple collisions. The insurer was able to apply the correct policy and deductibles to significantly reduce exposure.

Ready to revolutionize your claims process?

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